Evaluate the following sources and discuss their relevance to food apps:

  • https://www.inc.com/guides/improve-your-companys-customer-service.html
  • https://www.mdpi.com/2071-1050/12/10/4142
  • https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/food-delivery-apps-consumer-frustration-survey
  • https://www.ubereats.com


All fours sources touch on the theme of food delivery and customer service. Three of the four sources highlight the relationship between businesses and customers. The last source is a website for a specific food delivery company. Any information acquired from this company’s site should be investigated with an impartial source.

Expert Answers

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Inc. and Fox Business are business-oriented platforms. These sources tend to focus on how policies and issues impact businesses and business owners.

The Fox Business article zeros in on the problems that users experience with food delivery apps. Using a survey, it found that a notable percentage of customers find that their food is “unacceptably late,” they’re missing a side dish, or the food is too cold. The article does not mention why these problems might be related to the mistreatment of the delivery people and the exploited conditions that they work under.

Of course, the Fox Business article is not obligated to mention food delivery employees. That's not the theme of the article. Yet a thoughtful reader should probably keep in mind what’s left out of this article. They should try to think about how what’s excluded points to potential biases within the source.

The Inc. article does not include specific statistics. This article presents advice about the importance of customer service. The article fleshes out its guidance theme by offering tips from a variety of people that seem like they know what they're talking about. They have titles like "senior analyst" that reinforce their expertise.

The article about food delivery service in Romania looks like a scholarly article. It features research by academics as well as formal tables and charts.

The fourth source is the website for the company Uber Eats. As a company has an overriding interest to present itself in the best light possible, any information acquired about Uber Eats from their own website should be verified with an objective source that’s not partial to Uber Eats.

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