Referring to this news story, you have been assigned by the manager of GrabFood to evaluate the service quality gap(s) from the case study. Please provide an evaluation for the company with suggestions on how to close the gaps you identify.

To evaluate the service quality gap in GrabFood’s Mother’s Day performance, one could identify and discuss their platform glitch, their inadequate communication, or why they were understaffed.

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According to a GrabFood spokesperson, the service quality gap was due to a “large spike” in orders and an “unexpected technical glitch.” Perhaps this would be an apt place to begin one’s evaluation.

As many users placed their orders in advance, GrabFood should’ve been prepared for the spike. They should have hired more workers or, at the very least, notified their users that, due to the volume of orders, there might be problems. Several customers complained about the lack of communication from GrabFood. Maybe if GrabFood was more transparent about their difficulties, their customers would have been less irate.

An evaluation would likely conclude that GrabFood was not prepared to handle or respond to the problems on Mother’s Day. This points to mismanagement on GrabFood’s part. As their spokesperson acknowledged, Mother’s Day “is an important occasion.” They knew that Mother’s Day was a big event. They should have taken the necessary steps to meet the demands of the special day. Again, they probably should have had more deliverers and technical experts on hand to deal with any issues that could arise on a day in which their operations will face increased stress.

Finally, an evaluation should touch on the “glitch” component of GrabFood’s problem. If a glitch can cause such damage to a platform, perhaps the platform needs an overhaul. Maybe GrabFood should rewrite its platform with stronger coding so that the next time a glitch occurs, it won’t have such a debilitating impact on its partners and customers.

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