Referring to this news story, provide 5 suggestions for the management of GrabFood to correct the service failures.

To correct the service errors brought out in the article, GrabFood management should upgrade the software that handles customer orders, have a backup data and communications system for emergencies, have more personnel of various types on hand during peak times, have an overseer that handles efficiency tracking during peak times, and better educate customer service staff on how to deal with irate customers.

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According to this article, GrabFood experienced a multifaceted systems breakdown on one of its peak evenings. A lack of foresight and preparedness in general is responsible for this organizational collapse and failure to fulfill the needs of its customers, but there are several specific ways that the management of GrabFood can correct these failures and provide better service in the future.

First of all, GrabFood needs to upgrade the computer software that it uses to handle customer orders. It was obviously inadequate to the task. The company needs a more professional, comprehensive system that can efficiently deal with the communications, organization, and scheduling of orders, even during peak times when orders far exceed the norm.

Additionally, in case a glitch arises that can temporarily knock out even a cutting-edge computer system, all of GrabFood's data should be backed up onto another system that can be put into play in case of emergencies. Even if this second system is more rudimentary, it should be able to store the order data so that communications can be passed on to food preparers and delivery personnel individually by phone.

GrabFood may need to have more employees on hand when orders drastically exceed norms. This additional staff should include software experts who can quickly attend to computer glitches, extra delivery personnel on call who can take care of excess orders, and customer service personnel who can handle customer enquiries in a prompt manner.

An overseer should be on duty whose sole job is to track efficiency during peak times. This overseer should be familiar with scenarios of things that can possibly go wrong and be ready with solutions to handle emergencies.

Customer service staff should be better prepared to ameliorate the concerns of customers when things go wrong. Employees that handle direct communications with complaining customers should be trained in what to say and do when emergencies arise, and they should be authorized to compensate customers more generously than with merely a small discount on their next visit. The objective is to soothe, reassure, and sympathize with upset customers so that they will be willing to continue to use GrabFood and not switch to another delivery option.

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