Read the following case, and answer the following questions: Write a market-oriented mission statement for Dyson. What are Dyson’s goals and objectives? Does Dyson have a business portfolio? Explain. Discuss Dyson’s marketing mix techniques and how they fit within the context of its business and marketing strategy. Is Dyson a customer-centered company? Explain.

A market-oriented mission statement must succinctly introduce customers to the brand and what it offers. Dyson's objective is to make life easier for customers, and their business portfolio contains a number of products to help them achieve this objective. Dyson uses simply marketing-mix techniques which focus on functional products, and since their products are designed to be useful and change consumers' lives, they are certainly a customer-centered company.

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A market-oriented mission statement is simply a mission statement that is written to appeal to its target market and tells customers what the company and its products are all about. A great example for Dyson Products would be "Dyson Products are designed to change the way you clean your home, making household cores quick and efficient."

The ultimate objective of any company is to increase its profits and market share. According to Dyson, their goals also include making life easier for customers and making household chores less bothersome by improving existing products.

Simply put, a business portfolio means that a company offers a variety of products and/or services. Since Dyson offers an array of vacuum cleaners, as well as fans, hand dryers, and other products, it is evident that they do have a business portfolio.

In terms of the marketing mix, Dyson sells functional products, and they keep their marketing simple rather than slick to showcase their products. The time-saving benefits of...

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