here My question is: Can anyone help me analyze this poem? This is not homework, I promise you on that. I'm just so interested in this poem that I want to share with someone special by reciting it to him. Please help!   So far I think it has something to do with love because a peach does sumbolize marriage.

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This poem is on the surface a travel poem, in which a girl from the U.S. finds herself in a foreign country (Greece?) lat at night, tired from traveling (note the broken, disjointed narrative and dialogic line), having been offered a bed for the night, and a “peach”, symbolic of anything sensual, personal, and slightly compromising (the detail, for example, of the fly).  The offerer’s gender is clouded, but his/her intentions seem to be to offer the peach (nourishment, sweet experience) as part of the bed agreement, and therefore not completely altruistic.  She decides to take the late train to Turkey instead, but asks if she can have the peach anyway, which obscures the symbolism even more.  In the final analysis, the poem does not seem like a tender or legitimate love poem, but rather a poem about rejecting intimacy with a stranger because it is insincere.  This educator would not recommend reciting it to a person of the opposite gender—there is something seedy and unhealthily sensual about the compromising situation, and the narrator senses it is an inappropriate offer.

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