What did you learn from this article? Opinions please!

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The one thing I had never thought about was located in the section titled "Body Area Determination." It was not until I read the section that I realized different hairs (from different body parts) possess different characteristics. While I know this, I did not think about it aiding in forensic study. I also did not think about hairs from the same person being different colors based upon where the hairs came from. (Again, seems to be common knowledge, yet one does not normally consider it.) Another thing I learned was that "fringe hairs" are not good for forensic study.

The one thing which I found very interesting was that one can age infants and the elderly through a hair sample. I thought that all hair was essentially the same (depending upon where it comes from--body part). I never would have thought that one could determine an age from a hair.

The last thing I learned from the article was that  here are two categories of defining hair collection "positive hair comparison" and "negative hair comparison."