The following article is about college football players who want to unionize so they can get something more than just scholarships.  I do not think they deserve more.  What do you think?...

The following article is about college football players who want to unionize so they can get something more than just scholarships.  I do not think they deserve more.  What do you think?

In my opinion, i think it would just enough for this athletes to get compensated for school tuition and nothing else. Since they are not force to join into sports. What do you think?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not agree with your point of view.  At the very least, I do not agree with your reasoning here.  Your reasoning is that the football players do not deserve to be compensated (other than getting scholarships) because no one forces them to play.  This would imply that anyone who voluntarily takes a job should be unable to push for better compensation or conditions.

Imagine that I go and work at a fast food restaurant.  I make minimum wage there.  I think that this is not fair so I try to form a union.  If we were to follow the logic of your opinion about the college athletes, we would say that I should not be able to form a union.  After all, I knew that the job paid minimum wage when I applied.  As with the college football players, no one forced me to take that job.  In essence, your argument would imply that only people who are forced to do a certain kind of work have the right to unionize and/or to agitate for better compensation and working conditions.

If you want to argue that the college football players should not be paid, it makes more sense (in my view) to base your argument on the value of their scholarships.  You might want to argue that these people are getting a huge value (a scholarship) and that they should not be getting anything above and beyond that value.

My own view of this is that college football players in general are making much more money for their schools and for other entities such as TV networks than they are getting in scholarships.  In other words, it seems to me that they are being exploited to some degree.  In addition to making money for others, many of them at the larger schools never really get a true chance to graduate, making their scholarships much less valuable.  For these reasons, I tend to think that college football players should be compensated more than they currently are.

Wiggin42 | Student

What I don't see is how athletic scholarships can be considered any differently than merit based scholarships. Don't students enter a voluntary agreement when they accept a university scholarship? A typical financial aid package denotes how much a student will have to pay out of pocket and what sort of GPA they have to maintain to keep the aid. Wouldn't it be similar for athletes? 

tyler-k | Student

They absolutely should not be paid in more than just scholarships. They have the rest of their lives to be compensated for their talent, and letting this start in college will simply give them the idea that it is okay to demand more money. 

If college football players were be paid in more than just scholarships, then why shouldn't students at the top of their class be paid as well? Yes, athletes bring in a lot of money and support for the school, but highly academic students carry on the school's reputation. College should first and foremost be about gaining knowledge and receiving an education, and things like sports and clubs should come second.