In the book, Animal Farm where are there examples of flag waving and half truths?

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In my mind, the best location for finding examples of half truths and flag waving have to rest with Squealer.  Essentially, the search is for examples of individuals who are manipulating the truth. Squealer does that.  He is able to convince the animals of anything and everything that consolidates the power of the Pigs and Napoleon.  He is able to do this through his stretching and permuting the truth into a form where the other animals are either convinced, confused, or so disillusioned with everything that Squealer's answers are accepted as the only answers.  In this light, Squealer is able to create situations with the truth that constitute "flag waving" because the pigs' leadership is accepted as "truth" and is unquestioned.  The "half truth" element, such as Snowball's distinctions, are a part of this in that Squealer understands that all information must be composed in order to ensure that substantiate power and its concentration in the hands of few over the many.

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