How's cognitive theory related to the serial killer  John Allen Muhammad?Be specific

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The idea of cognitive theory as being driven by a goal oriented and systematic approach is where I would begin with the John Allen Muhammed's predicament.  While the therapy model in cognitive theory emphasizes this goal driven and systematic approach, I think the methodology of precision and intense accuracy can be seen in the life and practices of Muhammad.  I would make it clear that the idea of cognitive behavioral therapy is much different than that cognitive theory aspects that I would point out here.  Rather, the notion of a systematic, incremental, and precise approach would be where the focus might be placed.  For example, Muhammed's time in the Army was spent as marksman and an expert shooter.  The fact that the Army is part of his background, and critical in how he and Malvo approached their time together is reflective of the cognitive theory approach of each step being methodically designed and arranged, which is also echoed in militaristic approaches.  Additionally, the idea of "goals" were applied to the killings themselves, where the precision of shooting and execution were the direct goals.  Each action was seen as a result of accurate planning and careful deliberation, reflective of the cognitive theory embrace of one element followed by the next.