In Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, what do the blank pages signify?

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Foer includes blank pages in his novel as part of the plot and to convey the themes of the book. Grandfather, for example, finds out that Grandma is visually impaired because she types an autobiographical story called "My Life" with a typewriter that does not have a ribbon. Grandfather describes looking at the page, but the pages are blank. Foer leaves the page blank to show the reader what Grandfather discovers when he looks at Grandma's manuscript. Grandfather realizes that Grandma cannot see.

As the blog from Baylor explains (see the link below), this blank page helps the reader understand what Grandfather feels upon seeing the blank page. In addition, the blank page shows in a visual way the empty spaces between Grandfather and Grandma and the pain he feels upon sensing this emptiness. Grandfather says that he has a paper cut and "bled a little flower onto the page" (120). Grandfather's bleeding finger is a sign of contributing to Grandma's empty page and a sign of his feeling of...

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