How is Laura motivated primarily by loss?

Expert Answers
lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Laura lives a life of loss. She does not have full use of her leg. She is crippled and wears a brace. She lives a life of loss by not fulfilling her mother's dreams for her. Her mother desires for Laura to meet a man and marry. Laura is introverted. She has low self esteem. She cannot even attend classes for college. She does not have the courage to tell her mother she has not been attending classes. She is so withdrawn. She is fragile much like her glass collection:

Laura is the daughter of Amanda and sister of Tom. She is extremely shy, even emotionally disturbed, and she wears a brace on her leg which makes her feel conspicuous. Her collection of glass animals gives the play its title. She does not work, and she has been unable to complete a typing class because of her nervousness. Although she says she had once liked a boy in high school, she has never had and is unlikely to have any kind of romantic relationship.

Laura's mother harasses Laura. Amanda will not be satisfied until Laura meets a young man. Laura is not likely to meet someone; therfore, she feels so much pressure from her mother.

Finally, after being harrassed by Amanda, Tom brings someone home to meet Laura. Laura at least interacts with Jim. She even dances with Jim, but again Laura faces a loss when Jim explains that he is engaged to someone. Once again, Laura faces loss. She just cannot seem to achieve. Of course, she has a negative image of herself bascially because her mother Amanda never stops nagging. Amanda is so negative. She frets about Laura not having a man in her life. No doubt, Laura feels pressured at her sense of loss.