How does what Edmund has to say, help the author "paint" his portrait in The Man Who Was Poe?

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Edmund is a shy and mindful young man in the beginning.  His dialogue with his sister is all about what they should and should not do, according to Auntie.  Edmund also is painted to be very inquisitive.  He is constantly asking questions and begging for answers.  By the end of the story Edmund becomes more vocal, more outspoken and more independent.  All of these characteristics are demonstrated by Edmund and "painted" by Avi through the dialogue Edmund has with characters throughout the novel.  Edmund tells Sis that they can't leave the apartment because they promised their aunt that they would not leave until she returned. He also questions almost every statement made by Auguste Dupin.  He remembers that his Aunt taught him that "adults are always right, because they are the adults." 

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