Howard won 28 stickers and gave a quarter of the stickers away to his friend Tony. How do I solve how much Howard gave to Tony?

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We need to define variables for the number of stickers Howard had and the number of stickers that Tony received. We will assign h as the number of stickers for Howard and t as the number of stickers for Tony. We know that Howard has 28 so we can state this as 

h = 28

Since Tony received 1/4 of Howard's stickers we can say that

t = h * (1/4)


t = 28 * (1/4)

t = 7

We can then see that Howard will have 21 stickers left (28-7) and Tony will have 7. When doing problems such as this, the best place to start is to assign variables to each number and theN look at the relationships between the variables. 

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