In "The Most Dangerous Game," how is Zaroff uncivilized in his actions?

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General Zaroff is uncivilized because he lures unsuspecting ships to his island with lights that are supposed to indicate safe passage, but do not.  Like the Sirens in The Oddysey, Zaroff lures sailors to their doom.  The ships are destroyed on rocks, and the men are at the mercy of Zaroff.  He treats them well at first, offering them expensive food and drink in his mansion, but the illusion of civilization ends there.  Zaroff is merely attempting to physically strengthen his prey to make them better to hunt.  He believes that there are certain people in this world who are expendable, sailors among them, and that hunting them does no harm to the "civilized" world and may even be considered a service to the rest of humanity.

Zaroff is uncivilized in...

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