How do you write a good essay for grade 12 English? How do I write a good thesis and topic sentence?

Writing a good essay for grade 12 English depends on identifying the type of essay and ensuring that your thesis and development address the characteristics of that type. Argumentative, persuasive, and personal essays all have different requirements. A good thesis will state an argument that is original to you and that can be supported by evidence. The topic sentence of each paragraph will be closely related to one aspect of that argument or the relevant evidence.

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The types of essays that are frequently assigned in upper-level high-school English classes include argumentative, persuasive, and personal essays. Typical topics are interpretation of a literary work, analysis of the relationship between an author’s life and their work, and relationship between the themes in a historical work and modern times. For each of these topics, it is important to create a thesis that closely corresponds to the subject matter. The evidence that supports the thesis will be found within the work itself or may require additional research.

An argumentative essay based on interpretation of a literary work might focus on character or plot development, or a combination of both. In interpreting the novel The Catcher in the Rye, a supportable thesis could focus on Holden Caulfield and his grief over his brother’s death as they shape his actions and behavior. For example, you could write,

Holden is grieving for his deceased brother, Allie, so he has conflictual encounters...

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