How do you interact with the environment?

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There are many ways for humans to interact with their specific environment and the greater environment as a whole. Every single action taken by a person has a theoretical ripple effect on even the smallest of beings. For example, you eat an apple yet the core remains intact because you can't eat it. You throw the core away where it is then taken to a land fill. While the core sits in the landfill it is broken down by insects and rodents who store the food from the apple for their winter hibernation. Another example of how we interact with our environment is by consuming the resources that are available to us. Through human ingenuity we are able to pull raw elements from the Earth (iron, wood, oil, etc.) and shape them to our needs. A good thought exercise to use is grabbing a single object and tracing its path to you and the path that it will travel when you have gotten rid of the object.     

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