How do you feel about propaganda being used in Animal Farm?

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Under the influence of Napoleon, the pigs on the farm use various forms of propaganda to manipulate and control the other animals. From Minimus’s poem to Squealer's various euphemisms, Napoleon's role as a leader is glorified, and language is manipulated to mislead the lower class of animals. In my opinion, George Orwell accurately illustrated the various forms of propaganda authoritative governments use to oppress and control their citizens. Many authoritative governments use fear to manipulate citizens the same way Squealer continually reminds the animals about the possibility of Mr. Jones' return, as well as the threat of Napoleon's dogs. Orwell's portrayal of how tyrants often blame a common enemy is accurately depicted in the way Napoleon denounces Snowball. Also, Squealer's fabricated statistics are ignorantly accepted by the animals despite the fact that they are suffering. Oppressive governments, like the former Soviet Union and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, often manipulate statistics to propagate a sense of security and optimism. I feel that George Orwell accurately portrayed the way authoritative governments use various forms of propaganda to increase their control of the population through fear and manipulation.

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