How do you experience McDonaldization in your everyday life?

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In this modern age, and living in a first-world country, McDonaldization is a bit unavoidable. Its pervasiveness is hard to ignore. George Ritzer describes five requirements for identification of McDonaldization: efficiency, predictability, calculability, substitution of non-humans for human technology, and control over uncertainty. These are found in the food industry, banking, economics, schooling, and gift-giving.

The fact that we are able to automate pretty much anything these days is highly indicative of the culmination of each requirement. Personally, I see it in everything I do. When I go grocery shopping, I prefer the self-checkouts. Even better is when I can have groceries delivered to me. My cat receives a shipment of food, litter, and treats every four weeks by automation. I can order delivery with an app and text the driver directions to my house, minimizing human interaction. It is the same when I purchase gifts—typically, I find it far easier to browse online, especially...

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