How do you compare and contrast two different music covers?

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paepin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to answer this question, it's important to first break down the elements of the music covers you want to compare/contrast--this will largely depend on what kinds of music covers you want to focus on. Let's use these as an example:

An acoustic guitar cover of Frozen's "Let it Go" versus an electric violin cover of "Requiem for a Dream" (see links).

If you compare/contrast these two items, you might focus on the following:

  • Compare: Both covers focus on melody.
  • Compare: Neither cover uses vocals.
  • Contrast: The violin cover is live, while the guitar cover is not.
  • Contrast: The violin cover is produced (multiple clips stitched together), while the guitar cover is not.
  • Contrast: The violin cover takes a classical modern approach, while the guitar takes a pop modern approach.

Of course, there are many other things you could talk about in a compare/contrast essay on this topic. You might focus on the sounds of the instruments, the expressions of the artists, the originality of the cover (is it a tight cover or is it interpretive?), the overall quality and expertise of the artists, the video format, and more.

Finally, I'll add that a compare/contrast essay on this topic should function like any other compare/contrast essay in formatting. You can choose either a line-by-line compare/contrast or a paragraph-by-paragraph format. In a line-by-line format, you can choose an item and talk about how both covers compare on that item. In a paragraph-by-paragraph format, you can use one paragraph to talk about one cover and the next paragraph to talk about the other.

Good luck!

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