Sredni Vashtar Questions and Answers
by Saki

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How does the writer memorably portray the experience of being a child in "Sredni Vashtar"?

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The writer memorably portrays the experience of being a child in Sredni Vashtar by:

1)Using humor.

This is a sad story of one boy's experience living under the guardianship of a cousin who seems oblivious to her charges' needs. Neither Conradin nor Mrs. de Ropp like each other very much. With Conradin being only ten years old, the battle for supremacy often results in lop-sided victories, with the older woman usually gaining the upper hand. However, Conradin's rich imagination has conjured up a private world forbidden to his cousin. Humor is Saki's way of highlighting Conradin's childish attempts at fighting back against the injustices of his life.

The Houdan hen was never drawn into the cult of Sredni Vashtar. Conradin had long ago settled that she was an Anabaptist. (same religion as Mrs. de Ropp)

...from the realm of his imagination she was locked out- an unclean thing which should find no entrance. (Mrs. de Ropp is the 'unclean' thing in Conradin's eyes. Because Conradin 'hated her with a...

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