How do you write a topic sentence for a character?

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A topic sentence in each paragraph of an essay ensures that the person writing the essay stays focused on the relevant information that he wants to include in that paragraph. The topic sentence always links back to the thesis statement in some way and is, in fact, the most important sentence in a paragraph. It also prompts the writer to find other information to add to that paragraph about the relevant topic. For example, say a writer chooses to write about Lord of The Flies and, as this question is about a character, is writing a paragraph about Ralph. A topic sentence could be:

Ralph is the boys' natural choice for leader on this island without "grown ups."

The thesis may have said something about survival or choices and so this topic sentence links back to that. The...

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You have to write about the character in a topic sentence you introduce the character by telling the back-round of the character. You have to introduce the character by telling how when and what the character is about.