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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The way to succeed on this sort of multiple choice exercise is by a process of elimination. First, quickly identify obviously incorrect answers and then move on to examining more carefully ones about which you may be in doubt.

As there are several different issues and questions involved here, I'll focus on formatting titles, something that applies to several of these questions. In MLA format, titles are normally formatted as follows:

  • Titles of books: are italicized or underlined. Thus one would italicize or underline the title when referring to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. 
  • Titles of movies: are also italicized or underlined, and thus one would refer to Thelma and Louise (question 2). 
  • Titles of magazines: are also italicized or underlined. Thus in question 6, Consumer Reports is correct. Titles of articles in magazines are placed in quotation marks. Thus "Best Cars of 2014" is an article published in Consumer Reports.
  • TV Series: The name of an episode is places in quotation marks and the name of the series italicized or underlined. Thus one would refer to the episode "The Bed of Nails" in the series Yes, Minister. Thus in question 5, NYPD Blue is the correct formatting. 
  • Titles of short stories: are normally placed in quotation marks. Thus one would refer to Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart."