How can I write a thesis statement comparing and contrasting Christianity and Islam in the context of knowledge and belief?

Expert Answers
marymollway eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The thesis here has to compare the ideas of knowledge and belief in Christianity and Islam. In Christianity, Faith is Knowledge and Faith dictates action. In Islam, knowledge comes before action and informs faith. Christianity places a much higher value on faith; Islam on knowledge. In the sentinel book Warranted Christian Belief, Alvin Plantinga actually asserts that belief in the teachings of the gospel is knowledge itself. The Quron teaches that human reason is key to arriving at a true faith. So a thesis statement might sound something like this: "Christianity and Islam put different value in faith and knowledge. Christianity values belief over knowledge and believes faith dictates action, whereas Islam values knowledge over belief and believes that man must use his intellect to arrive at a complete faith."