How I Met My Husband Questions and Answers
by Alice Munro

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How do I write a thesis for Alice Munro's "How I Met My Husband"?

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When writing a paper, there should always be a central point or message that you are attempting to get across. You should be able to write this central point out in a thesis statement, which will introduce the individual reading the paper to the point you are trying to make.

For "How I Met My Husband," there are several different approaches that one could take in attempting to write a thesis statement. You could look at the story itself and identify common themes, such as those of naivete and innocence and the role that they play in a young woman's relationships. However, one could also look at even deeper themes if they were to critique the story from a feminist point of view, as it focuses deeply on women and women's lives.

I suggest that you read the story with a critical eye. Consider your opinions regarding the themes, the characters, and the plot, and then try writing a specific argument that underlies your opinions. Be sure that you are able to find evidence to support your...

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