How can I write a sentence containing a metaphor about an elm tree?

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A metaphor is a literary technique that compares two things that are not alike.  For example, "My love is a rose blooming in my heart", is a metaphor. The literary technique compares love to a rose, two different things that aren't similar.  

As I think about an elm tree, I can picture it visually.  It is tall; the elm tree provides shade from the hot sun; it is full of leaves; and its roots jut out of the ground at its base.  So, turn these descriptions into metaphors:

The elm tree is a tall _______________. (Think of something that is tall.)

The elm tree is a(n)______________________providing shade from the hot sun. (Think of something that provides shade.)

The leaves on the elm tree are a(n)_____________________swaying in the breeze.  (Think of something that sways.)

The elm tree's roots are a(n)______________________ jutting/reaching/stretching  out of the base of the tree. (Think of something that juts, reaches, or stretches like roots.)

Using metaphors makes your writing more visual and paints a picture for your reader.  Using various literary devices like metaphors, similies, and personification will add exciting, creative detail to your writing.  

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