How to write results/present results in a research paper or dissertation or thesis.

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When preparing to present results of your research, you need to first determine any requirements that are prescribed for the presentation. Ask your instructor about format, length, expectations regarding any and all aspects of presenting the outcome of your work. These guidelines need to be the starting point for the structure of you paper.

Most research papers will start with an introductory section to present the question being researched, validation of the reasons why this topic needed to be studied, and possibly a preview of the methodology used in the research. Again, refer to the requirements set out for your particular course.

Present your review of related literature with commentary as appropriate. Discuss your research methods, the results you obtained, any difficulties you encountered and how you handled them, and document everything as directed by your instructor.

Finally, present your conclusions. What do your research results mean? How can the new knowledge you developed be applied to situations in the real world? What else remains to be researched - what new questions have been raised by your work?

Good luck with your writing!