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How to write a report about the sociological perspective?

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I will assume that your prompt is simply “write a report about the sociological perspective” and that there are no other aspects to the essay you are supposed to write.  If I had to write such a report, I would define the sociological perspective, give some examples of how it works, and then discuss why it is important to look at the world through the sociological perspective.

To begin, then, you need to define the sociological perspective.  Presumably, your textbook gives a definition of it.  You might try to write it out in your own words to show that you understand what it is.  This could be your first paragraph.

After defining the sociological perspective, I would give examples of how someone might use it.  For example, I might try to use this perspective to explain why white males with relatively low educational levels are more likely to feel threatened by immigrants in the United States.  The sociological perspective would tell me that I have to look at their context in our society.  I could hypothesize that these men are losing the status and opportunities that they once had in our society and therefore feel like they are under threat.  They look for people to blame and they identify immigrants as a group that could be responsible for their problems.  Other people, richer and better-educated, do not feel so threatened because their lives are good.  Try to think of some other similar examples and use them.

Finally, I would discuss why it is important to use the sociological perspective.  I would say that it is important because we people live in societies and our societies shape our ways of thought.  In addition, our place within our society affects the way we think and behave.  Therefore, we cannot actually understand why people act in certain ways unless we understand their society and their place in society. 

Assuming that your report is not supposed to be very long, this would be a good outline for how to write such a report.

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