How do I write a program that calculates mileage reimbursement for a salesperson?

Expert Answers
jyurkonis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first step in writing any program is to develop the algorithms (sets of instructions) needed.

For the number of miles travelled:

  • Get Beginning Odometer Reading;
  • Get Ending Odometer reading;
  • Total Miles = Ending Odometer Reading - Beginning Odometer Reading

For the amount of Reimbursement:

  • Get the Reimbursement Rate;
  • Reimbursement = Total Miles * Reimbursement Rate;

For the actual program we need to:

  • Include the standard Input/Output Header file that will handle inputs from the keyboard and outputs to the screen.
  • Open our main() function (Note that the main() function is not normally used to hold the complete program but since this is a very simple program separate functions will not be needed).
  • Declare our variables
  • Get user input (normally, checking would be done to make sure the user put in expected information)
  • Perform calculations (in this case, assuming all inputs are correct)
  • Send output to the screen
  • End program