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If you are in fact going to be giving a presentation, not just submitting a written one, you will want to think carefully about how to structure the written portion so that it helps you remember and go over the important points without helping you read straight from the paper.

But everyone is different in this regard.  Some people find it useful to write out the entire thing, then practice it, then have the notes with them in case they get lost.

Others find it helpful to just sketch out the main ideas and include important points on a flash card or set of them to make sure they don't get lost.

Much of it depends on how comfortable you are giving presentations and whether you tend to stumble or forget what you meant to say because of the nervousness of being in front of people.

Personally I like to write the whole thing out and practice it but will also vary from the script according to the situation or if I have a sudden burst of insight while giving the presentation.

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