How to write a magazine article(opinionated magazine)

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

More and more magazines are becoming opinionated as Time proved itself in 2008 and Newsweek very recently. Still, it does sound as those you are going to write an editorial if your article is to be opinionated. 

  • An editorial is an article that offers an educated opinion by the author; that is, the author forms his/her opinion based upon studies, statistics, and other factual information.  Unlike the persuasive essay, however, the editorial does not present all sides to an issue; rather, it presents the writer's side only, but it presents this opinion persuasively and coherently. The facts must be there in an editorial, and they must be accurate.
  • In order to engage the reader, the writer should keep the editorial from becoming too "heavy."  By injecting humor and even a dash of cliche or colloquialism, the writer will entertain and interest the reader.  Certainly, there needs to be an injection of emotion; after all, the reader needs to understand that the topic is something about which the writer feels very strongly.  [Look back at Thomas Paine's impassioned speech to the Virginia convention, as well as some of Thomas Jefferson's writings for examples.]  However, while emotion is the medium by which to convey the facts, it should not obfuscate (confuse or cloud) them.
  • The writer should follow the journalistic paragraph and sentence style.  Keeping sentences from becoming too complex and writing shorter paragraphs than demanded in essays makes for a less threatening presentation of ideas.  In journalism two or three lines are acceptable as a paragraph if the writer is making a point.  But, the writer should aim at evenly spaced paragraphs as much as possible.
  • Finally, the writer of an editorial can end with a "clincher."  This is a thought-provoking sentence or two that seeks to convince the reader of the verity and importance of the writer's opinion.

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