How to write a literature essay. 

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Your question isn't very specific, but I am going to assume that your literature essay needs to be about "The Road to Mecca."  

For any literature essay, I strongly recommend that you NOT write a plot summary.  Assume that your reader has a basic understanding of the plot.  That's why you should avoid a plot summary.  My second recommendation is to focus on analyzing characters or themes.  

For "The Road to Mecca" there are three main characters.  They are Pastor Marius, Miss Helen, and Elsa.  Your literature essay could compare and contrast the three characters with each other.  They each bring a different religious view to the table, so contrasting them should be fairly straight forward.  

If you choose to write your analysis on themes of the piece, I recommend the theme of religion as a personal comforter.  You could tie in the story's light and dark imagery with that theme as well, since it is Miss Helen's manipulation of light and mirrors that gives her spiritual comfort.