How do I write a paragraph of interest on any chapter?   What things should be taken in consideration?

Expert Answers
sandrahunter eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, you need to be more specific. Which book do you need to discuss? What is the question you need to answer on the chapter? Is it about plot, character, setting, conflict, theme, symbolism, all of the foregoing?

Let us assume you are being asked to comment, generally on the chapter.

  • Who is/are the main character/s?
  • What is going on (action) in the chapter?
  • Where does the action take place?
  • Is there a specific theme in the chapter? For example, in Alice Walker's "The Color Purple", one recurring theme is courage.
  • What is the conflict either between the main character and another character, or within the main character?
  • Where does the chapter take place?
  • What symbols are used? An example of this is Jonathan Lethem's "Motherless Brooklyn" where the main character's Tourette's Syndrome becomes symbolic of the noise and chatter of the city.
  • How is descriptive language used? Metaphor and simile, for example, are language devices that make the chapter become three-dimensional and vivid.

Remember, to write effectively about the chapter, you have to enjoy reading it! Pick something that resonates with you, that is memorable, and that you are likely to tell your friends "You have to read this!"

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In composing a paragraph of interest, one should keep in mind the critical element of the topic:  interest.  In the composition of such a task, the writer should ask what stood out as a prominent idea in a particular chapter or section of text.  It could be a particular idea that was fascinating.  It might be the way in which a concept was explained.  Another example could be the manner in which the writing was presented.  The reality is that a paragraph of interest must reflect elements that would constitute as interesting and unique, the ideas that left an impact in terms of its assessment.  When reading any particular chapter, note what was unique and distinctive about it and why it resonated.  In this process, a paragraph of interest can be quite illuminating as a summarizing tool.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Your question is too general, with no information of what kind of book or subject to which these chapters belong, and the purpose of writing the paragraph. There can only be a general answer to it. I suggest the following approach.

  • First be clear in mind about why you need to write a paragraph and the kind of paragraph it will be - for example its length. I guess it is just one paragraph.
  • Find a chapter that interests you. Do not think about what will interest others. Then within this chapter identify what interest you most. and, if possible, why it interests you. This exercise should enable you to identify the contents of your paragraph.
  • Write the paragraph in easy and clear language. When writing about science, clarity of expression is most important.