How would you suggest I write an essay based on how entrepreneurship is encouraged in my country?

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The main difficulty I have in answering this is that you haven't specified your country. Different countries have different policies to encourage entrepreneurship, reflecting their different economic circumstances.   

In the developing world, one of the major barriers to entrepreneurship is lack of access to the financial system. Several strategies have been employed to deal with this. In India, the first step has been creating universal biometric identity cards and attaching free bank accounts to those cards. Encouraging and supporting the rise of mobile banking has been a key step in most of sub-Saharan Africa. Micro-finance has also been an extremely important way to support entrepreneurship in the developing world.

In the developed world, most people have access to banking and other financial services. Thus, the main strategies are more likely to involve reducing regulatory barriers to starting new businesses, encouraging loans to small businesses, and creating new business incubators. 

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A government can encourage entrepreneurship by taking a number of steps. Some of these may be applicable to your specific country, while other may not be. One of the first steps to encourage entrepreneurship is to minimize barriers to initiating a business. The paperwork and permissions necessary to start a business can be major deterrence to many people and easing out the process will help people take the initiative. Ease of getting loans is another step a government can take. Gathering enough funds to start a business can be a major hassle. Easing out the norms for venture capitalist's funding and launch of IPO (initial public offering) can be very helpful to young entrepreneurs. A conducive business environment in terms of tax-rebates, cheaper land, etc. can be helpful. Promoting entrepreneurship through education, in terms of college level courses, seminars, workshops, mentorship, etc. will also be very helpful.

Hope this helps.

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