How to write emotionally?Were writing a persuasive essay in class on schools. We read a few articles that addressed that it was out of school factors such as home life and culture that cause the...

How to write emotionally?

Were writing a persuasive essay in class on schools. We read a few articles that addressed that it was out of school factors such as home life and culture that cause the low test scores U.S. has. We than read a piece and watched a movie "Waiting for Superman" that supported that it was the schools fault that U.S. had low test scores. We had to pick a side and write a thesis. I choose that it was schools fault that U.S. has low test scores. Our essays had to be written in a format where one paragraph was using only an ethical, the other only using an emotional appeal and one using only a logical appeal to persuade him to our side. I am having trouble with the emotional paragraph. The same goes for logical as I am still getting both mixed up by wring them using ethical language. I need help with just at least coming up with topic sentences to use so that I have something to go off of. For my emotional paragraph I will be using how school administrators do not fire ineffective teachers or raise the standard of American education. I need help making that into an emotional topic sentence to set my paragraph up. For my intellectual paragraph I will be using how schools waste unnecessary amounts of money on things instead of spending it on the students as well as the fact that they really do not need it. My Thesis: The progressive failure of the American public school system has been caused by a lack of adaptation from school administrators to modernize teaching methods.

Expert Answers
dhlong525 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When attempting to persuade a reader with emotion, you want to elicit a response from them by appealing to their feelings. You can do so by attempting to present a universality to your message. For example, when you're speaking of the problems in the American educational system, a persuasive idea that would appeal to the emotions of the general audience would be how education is the backbone of all American society, i.e., without it, the future of the country overall is doomed. Nonetheless, you must be cautious in your emotional appeal and present information that is balanced, as you don't want to present an emotional fallacy, so you must make sure your position is supported with concrete facts and evidence.

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
In order to general emotional appeal, you will want to draw your reader in by personally connecting them to the situation you are writing about. You stated that you wanted to write about administrators not firing ineffective teachers for your emotional paragraph. We've probably all sat in a classroom with a teacher that we felt was ineffective. Appeal to the readers emotions like the frustration they felt being in a classroom with an ineffective teacher. Make your example specific enough to make your point but vague enough to appeal to most people.
lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you could also appeal to emotion by creating a sympathetic little narrative.  Create a fictional story about an imaginary student who wants to do well in school, but is not thriving in the classroom because of something the educational system is not doing or not doing well.  By humanizing the situation, you can garner some of the emotion of the situation.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
There is a difference between written emotionally and emotional appeals. Writing emotionally means that you are the one with the emotion, or the passion. Emotional appeals, on the other hard, inspire emotion in your reader. Basically, lay the rhetoric on thick.