how to write the chemical formula CH3COONa with state symbols ?am need to write it with state symbols as in (s) (l) (g) (aq) na d wat number eg.2k(s) + Cl2(g) = 2kCl(s)

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`CH_3COONa` is formed by the reaction of `CH_3COOH` which is weak acid called acetic acid and `NaHCO_3`   base. This is a acid-base reaction and finally a salt and water will be formed. All the substances are in the aquas solution state while `CO_2` is in gaseous state.


` CH_3COOH_((aq))+NaHCO_3_(aq) rarr CH_3COONa_((aq))+H_2O_((l))+CO_2_(g) `