How do I write a brief summary for this book, Lady Sings the Blues? Do I have to summarize the whole book or just the important subjects on the book?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You don't say how long your summary needs to be, but a summary is a brief overview of the book. Be careful not to include details in the book; instead, you want to include the main points in the book. This autobiography contains twenty-four chapters, but they are short. Take another look at the chapters and make notes about what is the most important thing you should take from each chapter. You are looking for main ideas from each chapter. It may be that not every chapter needs to be included in your summary, and some chapters may give you more than one main idea. The important thing is to reread or skim and to make notes as you do so. Then look at your notes and start putting together sentences. Find a thesis statement in your notes. This is the theme of the book, what the auther is trying to convey. Overall, what is the one main idea Billie Holliday is saying about her life? Certainly, race and drugs are main ideas in her book. Read your summary after your first draft and make any changes.

I have included a link below that will further help you to summarize this book as well as a link to the book. Good luck!

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