How do I write an introductory news script on the Populist Movement?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that an introductory news script on populism is going to be well set to focus on the initial idea that the masses have come together in the name of social change.  Consider the idea of reporting on a protest or demonstration in which people from the middle and lower classes have all converged onto one location, demanding social and political change and chanting slogans in unison to accomplish their purpose and raise awareness to their cause.  The introductory news script might start to describe this setting and outline some of the causes being pursued.  From this point, I think that some level of interviewing of the Populist leaders and participants in the movement can be done.  The introductory news script has to bring the reader into the full force of Populism which is something well accomplished by being able to focus on the idea of massive protests with people from various walks of life trying to accomplish some level of substantive change.  In this, I think that the news script can introduce Populism in a manner that highlights its importance and understanding.

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