How do I write an essay discussing the goals of Pan-Africanism, and the steps Pan African leaders took to achieve them?

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Pan-Africanism is a worldwide movement that aims to improve the lives and strengthen the people of African descent, many of whom left their homeland in chains to be enslaved in the United States and the islands of the Caribbean. The philosophy that drives the movement is the importance of unity among these people who share a common history and a common destiny, as the lives of Africans all over the world were affected by the transatlantic slave trade. A paper on Pan-Africanism might discuss how the movement developed or how it manifested itself in different areas of life. From the time they first arrived in the Americas as slaves, Pan-Africanism promoted communion among the people and helped them maintain their cultural heritage in the face of slavery and oppression. They established their own churches, for example, and their own religious organizations, such as the Free Africa Society that helped establish the churches. They also established their own political organizations, and held conferences to promote unity and support.

The African Diaspora refers to African Americans all over the world that have been displaced through the transatlantic slave trade and formed their own communities in other countries. The African Diaspora refers to these people as a collective group. The presumption is that they share a common history of oppression and racism and a common destiny because of it. In addition to discussing the steps to promote Pan Africanism on a global scale, your paper could focus on the effect of these institutions on the Diaspora. Have the efforts to promote unity been successful? And how did they improve the people’s lives? I’ve included a couple of resources that provide a general overview of these issues and should help you find a focus for your paper.

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Pan-Africanism is the movement to unite in solidarity and uplift all individuals of African descent. When developing an essay on the topic you should probably include some of the following goals of Pan-Africanism. One goal is the end of imperialism and colonization among African nations. The movement also focuses on the end of oppression and calls for justice for all Africans. Within the essay you may want to include these steps taken by the movement. For instance, Pan-African supporters held conferences and created organizations to promote their cause. A flag was even created and adopted in the 1920s. Some universities offer studies in Pan-Africanism, and you may even want to talk about how the creation of hip hop helps promote the Pan African cause.

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