How to write an essay about yourself? Tips, etc would be greatly appreciated,  I'm not talking about content, I'm talking about techniques etc. that should persuade the reader. Thanks much to the writing enthusiasts out there that provide some input(:

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I would also recommend that you know your audience. Write about the parts of yourself that your audience can easily relate to. It will be more interesting for your readers if they can empathize and understand on a personal level. Think of things that you have in common with your audience. If you know that you want to share something you and your audience don't have in common, make sure you express that difference in a way your audience can relate to. Acknowledge the way they likely experience that same situation and then explain how yours is different. Keep it simple, concise, and to the point.
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I'd say the key is to be somewhat objective, without losing your personal perspective. You need to find the interesting parts of your background and life. Sometimes people say they have never had anything interesting happen to them, but it turns out they have really led quite an interesting life.
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In writing an essay about yourself, I would suggest you identify three or four critically important pieces of information about yourself that you want the reader to clearly understand and recognize, and shape your essay around those points. If you can include anecdotes or examples of how these characteristics shaped your personality or changed the way in which your life has taken shape, that would be helpful to the reader. Be sure to use strongly descriptive language, with lots of adjectives and adverbs helping to create vivid images of the important aspects of your life that you are describing.



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