How to write an essay about the poem "Without Hands" by Lorna Crozier What I should include in my introductory paragraph, my 3 body paragraphs and my conclusion?

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Your question seems to be asking for a complete outline of a poetic analysis.  Instead of providing all of your information for you, I will try to help you get started.  A few basic steps can be applied not only to this poem, but any others you are assigned to analyze in the future.

The first thing you want to avoid is summarizing the poem.  A very easy way to accomplish this and fit everything into an organized 5-paragraph essay is to make the overall focus (thesis statement) of your essay a theme, tone(s), or overall meaning of the entire poem.  The introductory statement before the body of the poem gives you a great place to start.  This poem is a tribute to a musician who was a victim of torture and whose hands were smashed so he could no longer play his instrument.  I would probably include something about this in your introduction and draw your thesis from it.

After choosing an overall focus, analyze it from three different poetic/literary areas (these will become each of your 3 body paragraphs).  Some poetic devices I might analyze in this particular poem are: hand-symbolism (and how they relate to work), speaker/audience (who do you believe each is and why?), and repetition (of sounds and words).

Other common poetic devices include figures-of-speech (which this poem has a few), structure (consider the purpose behind the visual layout of the poem and lack of punctuation), and rhythm.

Brainstorm ideas for your three body paragraphs before doing anything else, then outline these paragraphs first.  The intro and conclusion are impossible to write without knowledge of what is in the body.  The introduction of course simply introduces what you are about to say.  Once you've written each paragraph you will no doubt have a final overall thought about the entire piece, which makes a great concluding statement.

The 2nd link provided below has some great information that could also be applied to this essay.  I encourage you to use it as an additional reference.

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