How do I write an essay about "The Destructors"? 

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fortunately, "The Destructors" has ample subject matter for analysis in a well-developed essay.  The first step to planning a well-organized essay is to determine the thesis statement, or main guiding argument for the paper.  Some possible topics to consider include:

  • Greene's use of imagery to portray the contrast between the social classes. 
  • How Greene uses characterization to develop the theme of leadership.
  • The theme of destruction as an act of creation
  • How the author's use of diction reinforces his characterization of the boys in the Wormsley Common gang.

Of course, the above ideas are just a few examples of arguments that could be made in a thesis statement.  Once the main focus of the paper has been decided, then skim back through the story and look for significant quotes or scenes that could be used in the analysis section of the body paragraphs to support your argument. 

A good body paragraph should include a topic sentence and then a combination of supporting evidence from the short story followed by your analysis of how the evidence reinforces the ideas presented by your thesis.  End the essay with a strong concluding paragraph which should restate the original points of your thesis.

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