How do I write 10 questions about these graphs on carbon emissions?

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The first thing that I would recommend before writing the questions is determine which kinds of question you would like to ask. Do you want to ask multiple choice, true/ false, fill in the blank, or short answer questions? I would also figure out how difficult of a question you would like to ask. Based on the links, I am going to assume the questions need to be fairly simple and straightforward. The links contain "primary" and "grade5" in them, so I would make sure the questions are accessible for fifth graders. Don't ask anything beyond their cognitive abilities, and keep question vocabulary simple enough to be accessible to a fairly young reader. I will write a few sample questions in order to provide you with a start.  

  1. Which country has the highest carbon emissions?
  2. Which country has the lowest carbon emissions?
  3. Do both graphs agree on which country is the highest and lowest polluter?  
  4. Which graph is easier to read? Why? 
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