How would you write a  poem addressing the idea that for all the appeals to pay attention to polticians, media, poverty and the like, instead people turn to iphones, sex, drugs?

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would likely approach this in one of two ways.  One that might be interesting would be to write it in the form of what is called a "found poem" where you use snippets of things you find in advertisements or articles or on TV or anywhere to make up a poem addressing the ideas you discuss.  This might be particularly useful if you are able to use ads for politicians or discussions of poverty or that sort of thing to build your poem, in a sense using the subject of the poem to build itself.

The second way that I would consider trying is to use something within the subject to physically structure the poem.  If you make the poem look like an iphone or perhaps even a needle or some other drug image, you can do some interesting things format wise that will help to make the poem itself interesting.

You could write it in any number of ways, likely the hardest part is going to be approaching it to revise it as most of us feel our poetry is pretty good the first time around while most serious poets know that revision is the key to the game.