How would you write this as an algebraic expression? 49 increased by by twice a number.

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kemorton eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You need to focus on the key words in the problem.

Increased = go up, add.

Twice = two times, double.

A number = an unknown number which can be represented by a variable, usually x.

Now that you know the meaning of the key words you can read the problem differently. "49 add by two times x"

When you change your words into operations (+ - x /) you get 49+2x (Remember that when a known number is right next to a variable it means to multiply, times).

kjcdb8er eNotes educator| Certified Educator

49 increased (added) by two-times a number (N):

49 + 2 x N = ?


neela | Student

A number could be x in algebra.

So, twice the number is 2x in algebra.

49 is 49.

49 increased by twice the number implies 49 plus 2x or 49+2x.

Therefore,49+2x is as good as 49 increased by twice the number in algebra.

taangerine | Student

Increase means to add. 

Twice means two times.

A number can be a variable. 

Therefore, you have 2x + 49

fashionableb1 | Student

2x + 49

givingiswinning | Student


Wiggin42 | Student

49 increased by twice a number

Twice a number = 2x 

increase that by 49

2x + 49

atyourservice | Student


msdrwill3 | Student

49+ can use any variable you would like if one is not given to represent two times a number but please dont use the multiplication symbol between 2 and the're in 11th grade!