How would you write a paragraph to suggest that Macbeth is the main character?What kind of theme would we need to use?

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danylyshen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You might try something such as:

MacBeth is the main character of Shakespeare's "MacBeth" because not only is he the title character of the play, but he is the example of someone who falls victim to "blinding ambition" that "o'erleaps itself" causing pain, suffering, and even death. After Lady MacBeth prompts MacBeth to do the deadly business he suffers the mental pain associated with a mind in torment. He suffers "scorpions of the mind" and suffers through ghostly visions and bloody ambitions. Eventually, it is this pain and ambition which lead him further on a path that can only result in MacBeth's head on a pike.

I'll let you fill in more information about the pain and suffering MacBeth endures.  :)

kc4u | Student

The Witches appearing on 'a desert place' mention the name of Macbeth & resolve to meet him on the heath. Why do the weird sisters name Macbeth & want to meet him in some isolated setting? This brings Macbeth immediately at the centre of the play. In act 1 sc.2, as the play's action goes underway, the bleeding sergeant speaks about Macbeth's heroism in battle in superlative terms: he is 'Bellona's bridegroom', 'valour's minion'. Macbeth's chracterisation in absentia shows him to be the most 'fair' & most admired man in Duncan's Scotland. In act 1 sc.3, when the Witches meet Macbeth & Banquo and deliver their proclamations, once again the focus falls on Macbeth, especially on the dilemma of Macbeth's mind : the tussle between the 'fair' & 'foul', between his 'foul' ambition and his 'fair' conscience. The rest of the play--from the murder of King Duncan to the beheading of Macbeth--continually reveals the complex states of guilt, fear & remorse in the self-divided mind of Macbeth. Macbeth's centrality in the play is doubtless, though in the scene of Duncan's murder, at the banquet & in the closing phase of his tyrannical rule Macbeth shows how 'fair' & 'foul' battle for supremacy in & through the tortuous existential journey.

divergecl | Student

oooo thank you soo much! This helps a lot! You must be a genious! Thank you once again!