Please give me some advice on writing a conclusion on Shakespeare's Romantic Comedies.   

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shakespeareguru eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let me see if I can identify what you are exactly asking for in this question.

If you already have an essay and want to create a conclusion to this essay, then you have a couple of choices.  A useful approach to a conclusion is to re-state your thesis statement, re-confirming the validity of it.  Alternately, you can show a point of view opposite to your thesis, one that you don't believe is as strong as the point you make, but certainly has validity.  The second approach is good for a broad topic, or one that is often debated, with good points on each side of the question.

It is hard for me to give any detail on writing a conclusion to a specific essay without knowing the thesis statement and a few of the details of your argument.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a statement that sums up Shakespeare's Romantic Comedies in order to create your thesis statement for an essay about these plays, then this is a different matter all together and not a conclusion at all.

Here are some general points about Shakespeare's Romantic Comedies -- topics that crop up in many of these plays.  These may give you good ideas for creating a thesis statement about Shakespeare's Romantic Comedies:

  • All of the Comedies are marked by their ending in at least one marriage.
  • They all involve one or more pairs of lovers who are distinguished by: falling in love at first sight; having one who must "win" the love of another; or being a pair equally matched who are engaged in a "battle of the sexes."
  • Most of Shakespeare's Comedies concern the questions of appearances and deception, often involving unfaithfulness (or the suspicion of it) and sometimes involving a female character who goes "undercover" dressed as a man.

If you need help creating a thesis statement or conclusion (or just a better understanding of the process of writing an essay) please follow the "argumentative essay" link below.  Also below, please find a link to the Enotes page on Love and Romance in Shakespeare's plays.

tomturner | Student

If I were writing a conclusion to Shakespeare's comedies, I'd say, among other things, that the endings always seem to be light and happy, and events turn out as they should. 

The women for the most part represent the leads in the comedies, and for the most part are charming, attractive, sensitive, resourceful, appealing young women, attributes that are very pleasant.  They are easy to fall for.  Shakespeare knew how to get the wives' husbands to attend his plays. 

The plays are fantasies.  The young women are quick and honorable heroines, Shakespeare making them winners, time after time.  A reason these comedies were so popular, we think, is because of the young leads; ladies such as Rosalind, Portia, the French Princess, Viola ---- and even Kate the Curst. 

Very short condensed two-thirds-of-a-page versions of Shakespeare's comedies can be found at  You can then move on from there if you want longer versions of these plays.