how would you write an eulogy for a dear person in your life.

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To a certain extent, the shaping of the eulogy may be influenced by the occasion for which it is being written. An eulogy to be presented as part of an informal gathering of family members during a family reunion at a local park will be different than an eulogy being written for inclusion in a formal religious funeral.

The most meaningful aspect of any eulogy is the recognition and retelling of the formative experiences in the departed's life and how they were reflected in the way s/he lived. Tracing interests and activities shared with family members and friends as the person was growing up can provide the basis for mentioning vocational and avocational interests throughout life that were important for the person being remembered. Highlighting important accomplishments may provide insight into the person's passions and priorities. Acknowledging important relationships between the person being eulogized and those surviving affirms the reason for grief and the opportunity to celebrate a life well lived.

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i ll suggest acc to ths things fall apart, just use the words which the hero and heroine used by which u can work out for eulogy and also u can surf those dialogues by wch u can use t fr eulogy.

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