Mother Courage and Her Children Questions and Answers
by Bertolt Brecht

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How would you write an essay about Bertolt Brecht's techniques in his play Mother Courage as a director, designer, or actor?

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Having acted in this play before while I was in college, I refererred to the program and reviews from our production to point out a few things:

Brecht uses the Epic Style, which calls for disruptions between the audience's response and the story of the play.  For this reason we had magnetized leaves which randomly fell from their trees to represent the death and loss in the play.  We used additional music, song, and dance to develop character at unsuspecting times. There is also a campfire scene and, in our play, the campfire came on when an actor plugged it into an onstage outlet, in full view of the audience. Also during the the climactic fight scene, our director put one actor on a crucifix and paraded him across the stage as a reminder that people in the playe were dying for different kinds of "blind faith."  In hindsight, that decision seems more controversial now than it did at the time.

The set was very open;...

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