How would you write an annotated bibliography on "Girl" by Jamaica Kincaid?

The content and format of an annotated bibliography on “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid will vary depending on the purpose of the project for which the bibliography will be used. For a general critical overview, the sources included should present varied perspectives written by critics whose backgrounds are similar to and different from Kincaid’s and drawn from different times and places. An annotation is typically one to three sentences. MLA is the most common format for literary topics.

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Preparing an annotated bibliography is generally one step of a project such as a critical essay or research paper on a given topic. Its content and format will vary, therefore, depending on the project for which it is intended. Because Jamaica Kincaid’s story “Girl” was published in 1978, there is a substantial body of critical work that spans more than four decades by writers from many different places.

A general critical overview would draw on sources that present a variety of perspectives and offer both positive and negative assessments. Journal articles, books and book chapters, and blog entries are among the appropriate sources. Interviews with the author may provide useful insights. Some critics may share similarities to the author’s Caribbean and US background in terms of literary and personal influences, including such factors as race, gender, and writing in English from a postcolonial perspective.

In this type of bibliography, an annotation is often one to three sentences long. The annotation should address the main point the source is making, note any possible biases its author exhibits, and assess the source’s particular relevance for the intended project. The bibliography format will also correspond to the type of project. The instructor’s guidelines will probably specify the required format. MLA format the most often used for literary topics, but Chicago (also called CMS) may also be appropriate.

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