How would you teach English to young language learners, and what would you do to make it more fun?

Teaching English to young language learners so that it is fun should involve lots of play and hands-on learning. Be sure to encourage students with praise and let them interact with each other as much as possible.

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Teaching English to young elementary age learners has its challenges, but is also very rewarding. Children of this age are typically eager learners and, if the lessons are fun and engaging, they will likely enjoy the process. The key to making lessons fun and effective is to make them hands-on. Introduce an element of play into as much of the learning process as you can, and you will see great results.

Try to keep the following in mind as you help your students learn English. Although you will be modeling the proper use of the language, keep your own talking to a minimum. Describe an activity in a few simple words and then let the students get started. This keeps energy levels up and reduces distractions.

Use games as much as you can. This gets students interacting with both the lesson material and each other. Children do best when they have constant stimulation, and getting them actively involved is essential to the learning process.

When you have to correct a student, be as positive about it as possible. Young learners are typically eager to please. Make it apparent how much you appreciate their efforts and encourage them to keep trying despite any setbacks or frustrations that they may have.

Also, each lesson should build on previous lessons. This reinforces what they have already learned and allows your students to integrate their new knowledge with each lesson. After each lesson finishes and before new ones start, take a couple of minutes to review what they have learned.

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